Kevin D Thompson – Win/Lose - Lose/Win - Lose/Lose - Win/Win

Win/Lose - Lose/Win - Lose/Lose - Win/Win

Win/Lose - Lose/Win - Lose/Lose - Win/Win

What is this?

These are the basic outcomes we generate with our interactions with others - basically they are negotiation outcomes.

Why is this important?

Awareness of these basic outcomes enables us to choose an appropriate outcome as the basis for our interaction. In any circumstances where there must be a zero-sum outcome, and they are not as numerous as people may think, it is appropriate to negotiate for a win/lose.

In business and personal ventures, nearly all exchanges in our everyday lives, it makes much more sense to negotiate a win/win outcome thereby growing value for everyone concerned. Unfortunately, many people either do not believe, do not care or do not know how to truly work toward win/win outcomes even though they may exhibit the pretense of doing so - often it is merely lip service. Hence we often end with win/lose, lose/win or even lose/lose outcomes.


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Win/Lose Lose/Win Lose/Lose Win/Win