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VAK - Modalities

VAK - Modalities

What is this?

VAK stands for the three primary modalities (Visual, Audio, Kinesthetic) by which we gather information about our world and represent information internally.

Why is this important?

While each of us has all three modalities available (unless blind, deaf or numb), we all have a tendency to one degree or another, to prefer one modality above the others. As we take in information through our sight, hearing, and tactile receptors each of us will be more visually oriented, physically oriented or sound oriented. This means that information from the "non-preferred" modalities may more easily be missed in our observations.

If it makes sense to "go first" and approach others on their own terms, does it make sense to "transmit" our information in their preferred modality? Only if it is important for our information to be received and given significant consideration.

Do you see what I mean? Does that sound good to you? Do you feel good about this?


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