Kevin D Thompson – U Gotta Wanna/Seed of Change

U Gotta Wanna/Seed of Change

U Gotta Wanna/Seed of Change

What is it?

The Seed of Change is what sets you into motion to fulfill your desire. Without desire, there is nothing to generate volition or movement - one will atrophy. 

Why is it important?

U Gotta Wanna do something, be someone or get something to get into action. Sometimes people struggle and seem to be stuck - more often than not, a few questions will reveal they do not know what they want. They may have some idea about what they do not want, and that can at least serve as a start, but real progress will not begin until they have fixed their mind's eye on a goal of some type that stirs them into action.

The greater the desire for a goal, the greater resolve there is likely to be present when resistance or setbacks occur. Without strong desire, one will give up rather easily when faced with ridicule from friends and family, scarcity of resources to fulfill the quest or any of the many things that tend to stand in the way when we seek something significant.

Research indicates we are happiest when we are pusuing something important to us - even more so than the actual fulfillment of the quest.

U Gotta Wanna