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Thrash Early

Thrash Early

What is this?

Thrash Early is a term used by Seth Godin for the work of vetting out the value, probability of success, or presence of no-go problems early in a process, project, persuasive conversation or negotiation.

Why is this important?

Thrashing Early can save untold hours of work, money, and wasted effort when properly applied to endeavors of nearly every type by discovering deal-breaking conditions, fatal design flaws and other things that will doom an imagined sale or project. In Thrashing Early a useful tool at your disposal is the 5-Y's which are described in more detail on a separate page. Using Systems Thinking can also be a useful tool here along with a number of others.

Even traditional western-style linear thinking can often reveal unintended consequences or problems previously unseen when used in Thrashing Early. Like other tools a key to successfully using this one is to determine when you have thrashed enough and it is time to get on with your endeavor knowing there are no ultimate guarantees of success for any endeavor.

A good way of thinking about Thrashing Early is to to consider it as due it.