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The Guarded Mind

The Guarded Mind

What is it?

The Guarded Mind is a representation of how a person's mind is generally working as we are talking to them. It represents the measure to which a person's mind is likely to be open or closed to us as a reliable, useful, authoritative information source.

Why is it important?

This representation can help us understand why a person's mind is often closed to what we are saying. When we understand why this is often the case, we are in a much better position to do something about it - or perhaps use a different approach in convincing the person.

There are 3 questions which we all unconsciously ask ourselves regarding someone who is attempting to tell us something. When looking at the visual diagram (under construction) it becomes easier to see the dynamics of how they work to allow or disallow the flow of information into the mind. The three questions are as follows:

1. Can I trust this person?

2. Does this person care about me as a person?

3. Does this person have standards that are as good or better than my own?

When our minds determine the answer to these questions is yes, our minds tend to open - when the answer is no, our minds tend to close to the person and their information. This is more a function of influence which tends to occur and change over extended periods of time and demonstrates the need for persuasive skill in gaining compliance from a person closed off in this rather common way.

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