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Stress - Recovery Oscillation

Stress - Recovery Oscillation

What is it?

Stress and Recovery Oscillation is the natural up and down cycle of energy every human being experiences each day of life.

Why is it important?

Stress and Recovery Oscillation will happen regardless of how much someone tries to fight against it...and many people are fighting it indeed. "Run to Failure" is a common approach among many business people and it is the process of stressing people until they "break" so to speak. Upon breaking, the person must recover before they can return to productivity.

This philosophy of running to failure is simply a "strategy" that people have learned to "believe in" as being the most effective way of getting the most production from people.

Is this true?

Is this how top performance is driven in the most competitive arenas on the planet? No - not even close. Consider professional sports, none of the professional sports performers just go full-on until they drop, not NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR...

They all incorporate recovery periods in their sport. Time outs, pit-stops, intermissions, half-times, days off, off-seasons etc. mark the varous "recovery periods" necessary to keep their athletes and their sport at the top of its competitive heap. Workers in any environment where optimum production is sought, will benefit by understanding and appropriately utilizing stress and recovery oscillation - and the employer will reap the benefits of higher quality work at a lower overall cost.

Run to failure oscillation is another strategy, but it generates chaos and higher net costs as a result. Like many other things necessary for optimal results - we must "drive" to get the results we desire.