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Sentence Completion Exercises

Sentence Completion Exercises

What is this?

Sentence completion exercises are a tool advocated by Dr. Nathaniel Branden to develop thinking and understanding of any particular topic we choose.

Why is this important?

In Dr. Branden's book The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem he recommended the use of sentence completion exercises as a way to increase our awareness of areas we wish to develop, as well as facilitate our development by thinking more deeply about a given topic. In using the exercise, we literally exercise our brain in coming up with different endings to the same sentence beginning or sentence stem. The exercise uses the sentence stem as a platform for developing our thoughts. An example of a sentence stem would be - "Living more successfully to me means___________." 

The exercise involves completing each particular sentence stem differently 6 - 10 times. As you use this tool it will sometimes challenge your brain to come up with answers after you have used the three or four that come most easily. This will expand your capacity to think and generate ideas and solutions and can even help you develop a sense of direction in life.