Kevin D Thompson – Self-Talk/Self-Programming



What is it?

Self-Talk and Self-Programming are the things we say to ourselves throughout our day. 

Why is it important?

We talk to ourselves more than anyone else talks to us. And even if it may say seem that we do not agree with what we tell ourselves, we are listening very intently nonetheless. That means that when we tell ourselves we were "stupid" for doing or saying something, we literally believe it - even if only for a short while. However, these small occurances of self-talk build into significant beliefs about ourselves over the course of time - and they are either serving to build us up, or keep us down.

We can change what we say to ourselves if it is appropriate to do so and we have the desire to follow through with the investment of time and effort required. In fact, it may be one of the more important things we do to improve our performance and appreciation for life. Shad Helmstetter is one of the foremost authorities on self-talk and has written several books on the subject and has published an audio program to help people with their self-talk programming.

For the best results, record your self-talk programming in your own voice and listen to those recordings each day. Even if you do not record your own self-talk, you can benefit from listening to Dr. Helmstetter's if you get a copy of them. As he was developing his work, he would play his recordings in the master bathroom while he and his wife we getting ready in the morning. Though his wife was not listening purposely to his recordings (which happened to be about weight loss at that time) she lost 20 lbs during the course of time he was listening to his weight loss self-talk.