Kevin D Thompson – Reduce/Eliminate Value Judging

Reduce/Eliminate Value Judging

Reduce/Eliminate Value Judging

What is this?

Value Judging is raising or lowering your estimation of other people based on the subjective values or judgements you place on what they think, say or do.

Why is this important?

Value Judging has the effect of "throwing the baby out with the bathwater" so to speak, it dampens communication and generates resistance - and sometimes even terminates our interaction with others. The value in reducing/eliminating value judging is that it will help you properly vet the ideas, words and actions of others rather than hastily dismissing them. It serves to help us seek to understand others first - before we seek to be understood.

Values are learned, and many times the ones we have learned do not necessarily serve us or other people well. Values are best developed and refined voluntarily rather than being imposed upon one another. Judging others tends to alienate people from one another which lowers the opportunities for mutual benefit. This principle can also serve us well internally, accepting ourselves unconditionally is very important in building genuine self-esteem.

When we are not judging or condemning ourselves we are more effective in our self-development and performance. The absence of condemnation does not mean we are unable or refuse to realistically determine when we are not thinking, speaking or acting as we would prefer - or that we ignore our simply helps us to develop and refine freely and objectively.