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Power/Persuasion Paradigms

Power/Persuasion Paradigms

What is this?

The Power and Persuasion Paradigms are basically two world-systems, though very different from one another, that are running simultaneously in our world. The Power Paradigm is represented by the use of power (force) in any system or organization, it is most clearly seen in governments but also remains very present in private-sector systems and organizations. The Persuasion Paradigm is seen primarily in sales environments or any system or organizations wherein actions, activities and investments are purely voluntary.

Why is this important?

Strategies and techniques that are appropriate and effective in the power paradigm are often rejected and repudiated when applied in the persuasion paradigm. We will not usually tolerate a salesperson "forcing" a sale upon us, or even attempting to assert that we have no other choice. Sometimes strategies and techniques that are appropriate to the persuasion paradigm are seen as weak or inneffective in the power paradigm. 

When used properly, persuasion paradigm strategies and techniques are powerfully effective in both environments - when used properly being the key point. The reality is that we usually have a choice in most matters, even if we do not like the alternatives available.

Commitment to learning and developing persuasion strategies and techniques appears to have greater upside and resistance to obsolescence in the future. Command and Control strategies and techniques appear to be waning as we move forward.