Kevin D Thompson – Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude

What is it?

Positive Attitude as a way of thinking or feeling that things will work out favorably.

Why is it important?

To a large extent, we are self-fulfilling in our beliefs. Some people may object to this assertion, but under close scrutiny we can see that this is true. Unfortunately for many, there are too many negative attitudes which give rise to many negative beliefs, which in turn are fulfilled with negative results.

Attitudes tend to direct our attention, and what we give our attention to we tend to use our volition to fulfill. Similar to when we turn our heads around to look at something while we are driving we tend to veer in the direction to which we are looking (directing our attention) - we do this in other ways which have much greater importance in our lives.

When we employ a positive attitude, we are looking for positive aspects about the things with which we are involved - and in a much better position to recognize quality solutions to whatever might be challenging us. It is an orientation toward winning and finding good in our endeavors.

When we think about it, in nearly any given situation we face, it could be worse. That can form a starting point for moving from a negative to a positive way of looking at life. From there, it is possible to generate any measure of appreciation for what we have and can do or be in life.