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NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

What is this?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is system designed to allow fast programming of the brain to get rid of poor mental programming and speed up our ability to model and develop high performance.  

Why is this important?

NLP gives us very good tools for working with our own brains. I would not go so far as to say it is an owners manual, but it gives you tremendous insight into how your brain, stores, organizes and uses the information you have gathered during your life, and how you can deliberately use it to your benefit.

As we grow our ability to deliberately use our brains, we grow in our ability to drive our outcomes, maximize the memories of our successes and minimize the pain of our not so successful life events. This is important for some people because some of their life experiences have caused them to freeze up or otherwise inappropriately limit their self.

NLP can help people get rid of negative programming very quickly. It does not however, provide any "magic wand" whereby someone can gain high levels of skill without incremental development, the repetitive proper practice of the skill to grow it.

Even so, there is tremendous value in removing self-limiting or self-destructive beliefs quickly and relatively easily since a considerable portion of high-performance is the removal of anything detrimental to it.

Sometimes people invest large amounts of time, effort and money developing something useful to them, but do not enjoy the rewards of their investment because they do not remove barriers to the effective use of what they have built. It could be likened to rebuilding an automobile, but never removing the wheel chocks that held it in may be very nice and have tremendous potential but cannot go anywhere.

NLP's greatest promise is in clearing the way to high performance...and indirectly propelling it.