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Manipulation - Intention

Manipulation - Intention

What is it?

Manipulation is changing something or someone in some way.

Why is it important?

We continuously "manipulate" whether we intend to or not. We cannot "not change" the things and people around us - we always have some kind of effect. Many people think of manipulation as something that is inherently "bad" and done with less than honorable intentions. Often it is, and not necessarily the way people think.

When we understand that we are manipulating the people and things around us regardless of our intention, it follows that we are either contributing to growth or decline in our world. When people understand this, often they will consciously choose to contribute to growing value in the world rather than remaining dependent on others.

I teach people to embrace manipulation and commit to intentionally driving their manipulations toward win/win outcomes - this is how real value is built in the world. All other outcomes are zero sum ventures, or complete wastes of time, effort and money.