Kevin D Thompson – Kevin Davis' Sales Cycle Wheel w/Roles

Kevin Davis' Sales Cycle Wheel w/Roles

Kevin Davis' Sales Cycle Wheel w/Roles

What is this?

Kevin Davis' Sales Cycle Wheel w/Roles is a visual representation of the cyclical process through which a sales transaction will normally pass and the corresponding phases and roles the selling process and the salesperson will naturally experience during the cycle.

Why is this important?

Pretty much any type of sale will quite naturally pass through the phases and roles depicted in the wheel. As you understand the different phases of the sale and the appropriate roles for a sales professional during those phases you are better equipped to perform the roles with greater effectiveness.

The inner portion of the wheel depicts the experience of the buyer, the intermediate ring identifies the major phases of the sales cycle, and the outer portion identifies the roles appropriate for the sales professional in the given phases of the cycle.

While a number of different "professional roles" are represented in the wheel, there is one that can appropriately be applied across a large portion of the cycle - that role is "The Doctor". Perhaps it is no wonder as the Doctor is one of the highest callings and requires the highest degree of education among those represented in the wheel.