Kevin D Thompson – IPS - Ideal Performance State

IPS - Ideal Performance State

IPS - Ideal Performance State

What is it?

IPS or Ideal Performance State is human state of high, positive energy marked by an almost surreal capacity to perform - a deep calmness, extremely high confidence, a slowing or disappearance of time and a deep satisfaction in performing the activity or work in which one is engaged. It has been called The White Moment, Flow, The Zone, Ideal Performance State and a number of other names.

Why is it important?

This is a state in which very high levels of performance are not only possible, but basically inevitable. When people are able to enter this state at will, they tap into performance capacity most people have never experienced - certainly not with any regularity. Michael Jordan once told someone "this Zone you speak of, I can put it on like a coat". His statement gives us an indication the state can be entered intentionally and on demand. It would also seem to have at least some relationship to oscillation since people are not able to remain in the "IPS" or "Zone" indefinitely.

Once people are aware that such a state exists, and that it can be entered intentionally, if it is important to them they can begin developing a skill in doing so. As a result, whole new levels of achievement in their chosen endeavors are possible for them.