Kevin D Thompson – Innoculation



What is this?

Innoculation is a tool we can use in conversation to pre-empt a potential problem in a persuasive situation. 

Why is this important?

Problems in persuading others can often be anticipated and in those cases innoculation functions much like a vacine does in preventing illness. Innoculation in a persuading situation where the price may normally lead to resistance could sound something like this: "Often people have thought this product (or service) to be too expensive at first until they learned how important it would be to them and how affordable it could be."

As you think through common objections you face as you work to persuade others use this tool to position the objection as having no basis in reality for most situations. Remember to work for your client's best interest with regard to these...if there are legitimate concerns do not sweep them under the rug. This tool is to help eliminate unfounded fears and stall tactics that often paralyze a sales process or otherwise inappropriately delay a decision to commit to some beneficial action.