Kevin D Thompson – Greg Wingard's Breakthrough Moment

Greg Wingard's Breakthrough Moment

Greg Wingard's Breakthrough Moment

What is it?

Greg Wingard developed his training based on 90-days of daily attention to developing a skill which featured a point in time that was likely to occur during that period wherein the student "got it" and the skill would be available for life.

Why is it important?

The Breakthrough Moment is important because it represents the "tipping point" so to speak, where the learning is relatively permanent and available as a habit. How long does it take before your learning really sticks with you? Until you "get it"! This is a momentary point in time and brain researchers, psychologists, coaches, teachers and others who work in personal change, do not agree exactly when this event is most likely to occur.

The real point is that it probably cannot be reliably predicted on a calendar or anything like that. It happens when it happens. Each person is probably somewhat different, and each topic of learning is somewhat different. Learning to tie shoelaces - is different from learning to ride a bike - is different from learning to dribble a basketball between your legs and so on.

Additionally, it is important to understand that until you "get it" - you don't "have it". Your learning is subject to a relatively quick deterioration. When you "get it", you pretty much have it for life. Greg used a person who had not ridden a bicycle for 10-years to demonstrate that once you learn how to ride a bike, even if you do not engage in it for an extended period of time it is still immediately available to you as his subject climbed on a bike after all those years and easily demonstrated he could ride with skill and confidence.