Kevin D Thompson – Go First

Go First

Go First

What is it?

Go First is a way of approaching the world in nearly every situation - that basically says, take initiative and go first to promote that which you think is important or should be done or said.

Why is it important?

Many people are waiting for other people to make the first move - and waiting, and waiting. I will treat them well after they treat me well, I don't see why I should do something until they ask for it, etc. Ghandi said "Be the change you seek in the world" and I think that is the essence of Go First.

When we go first, we are leading, we are setting the example for what we believe will best serve us. When we combine this with a win/win orientation to life, we will generate more win/win/ outcomes as a result. 

If we want people to be honest with us - Go First - make sure to be honest with them. When we go first, we are always the leader and people want to be led, and they admire a leader. Is there a better way to generate influence than by appropriately going first?

Go First in thinking, saying and doing that which will generate win/win outcomes. This is fundamental in generating true value in the world.