Kevin D Thompson – Fun



What is this?

Fun is experiencing enjoyment, light-hearted pleasure and happiness.

Why is this important?

Persuasion and negotiating can be very tense and unenjoyable experiences for people. The inclusion of fun in appropriate levels can significantly add to the generation of win/win outcomes in persuasive conversations and negotiations. For some people, if there is no fun involved they simply will not engage or perhaps even participate at all.

It is important to stay within acceptable social bounds and not have fun overtake the basic purpose of the persuasive conversation or negotiation or become a significant distraction from it. To the extent you can make your persuasive conversations and negotiations appropriately fun, you will drive much more easily to win/win outcomes because of lowered resistance to you, your suggestions, assertions and proposals.

Fun will not serve as a substitute for genuine substance and value in what you are suggesting, asserting and proposing.