Kevin D Thompson – Energy Graph - Ideal Performance State

Energy Graph - Ideal Performance State

Energy Graph - Ideal Performance State

What is this?

This graph serves as a visual indicator for the quality and quantity of human energy available to pursue our outcomes.

Why is this important?

Human energy is one of the most important resources we use. Many people are not aware of the energy available to their self let alone to others around them. Some of the more exaggerated examples will be noticed, but not the subtle changes, nor more importantly, the natural cycles of high and low energy. Many people think they can and should operate at high level of energy all day long without any lapse - this is not natural nor healthy in the long-term.

By having a visual representation of human energy, it becomes easier to pay our attention to it, and thereby manage human energy. Just as having visual indicators in our automobiles, airplanes and other complicated apparatus, it is important to have some for one of our most important human resources.

The graph has a horizontal axis above which we plot "high" energy, low energy represented below the axis - and a vertical axis where "negative" energy is represented to the left of center and "positive" energy to the right of center. The Ideal Performance State is an area of the graph located in the top right corner of the chart and as the name implies, it is the representation of the type and level of human energy that produces the highest levels of human performance.

You can learn more about the Ideal Performance State here.