Kevin D Thompson – DREC - Simplified Model of Change

DREC - Simplified Model of Change

DREC - Simplified Model of Change

What is this?

This model helps people understand the fundamentals phases of change people normally experience.

Why is this important?

This model simplifies something many people often find rather difficult - making changes in their life or helping others to recognize a need for change. When you understand this model, you are at an advantage for affecting change in your own life and that of others.

The 4 stages are as follows:

    Denial - "I do not have a problem."

    Resistance - "Even if I do have a problem, there is nothing I can do about it."

    Exploration - "Ok, so I do have a problem, what are my options for dealing with it?"

    Commitment - "Ok, this is what I am going to do to fix this problem!"


In the Denial and Resistance phases, there is a general absence of ownership or responsibility - these are usually the more difficult to get through for most people and most problems.

The Exploration phase is when someone "shops around" or does their research and of course the Commitment phase is when they take direct action toward fixing the problem.