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Dr. Cialdini's 6 Principles - RCLASS

Dr. Cialdini's 6 Principles - RCLASS

What is this?

Dr. Robert Cialdini and his researchers discovered 6 Principles which are primarily responsible for our compliance with the requests or directions other people make of us.

Why is this important?

These 6 Principles form the basis for nearly everything we know regarding how we get other people to do something - either by request or by order. These 6 Principles are highly effective components of Influence and Persuasion.

Dr. Cialdini found himself an easy mark for door-to-door salespeople, telemarketers and other purveyors of products and services which he regretted purchasing after the fact. He decided to find out what it was they were doing and saying that was causing him to comply with their requests for purchase. These 6 prinicples are the result of his extensive research.


The 6 Principles are:

R - Reciprocity - the innate desire to repay others in kind (or excess) for an unrequested favor or gift.

C - Commitment & Consistency - our deep desire to remain consistent with prior commitments we've made.

L - Liking - we like to do business with people like ourselves - or people we wish to be like.

A - Authority - we will comply with the requests and orders of those we perceive to have authority.

S - Scarcity - we prefer and choose things that are scarce - we naturally place a high value on scarce goods and services.

S - Social Proof - we often look to others as a guide for what to do or say in unfamiliar circumstances - we follow the herd.


These principles have been found to be universally effective - with all mentally functional human beings on the planet - crossing all languages, customs and cultures. They are very effective and resistance to them often meets with significant disapproval from society.


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