Kevin D Thompson – Dominant Buying Motivation

Dominant Buying Motivation

Dominant Buying Motivation

What is this?

When making a decision to purchase something, we often have multiple reasons for buying it. However, one reason will stand out from the rest and dominate the buying process.

Why is this important?

When working with someone to sell them something, we will be more efficient with our selling time and efforts if we discover their dominant buying motivation. Similar to the basic tenet in psychiatry that says "The problem the client presents you with - is not the real problem" here too we often find that the basic reason for buying that a prospect shares with us is often not the real reason they are in the market.

Many salespeople make assumptions regarding the motives of the prospect, and they are nearly always wrong. The question becomes, if the salesperson is wrong about the assumptions they are making regarding the buyers motive, is this speeding up the sales process? Or is it slowing it down? 

The likelihood is that assumptions about the Dominant Buying Motivation of a prospect are most often going to result in more work and frustration in the sales process.

The work of getting through the various smoke-screen reasons to buy something, and get to the dominant buying motivation is paramount to generating effective sales results.

As an example:

    "I need a new widget because my old one is worn out." - This is something they will tell anyone, there is no emotion attached to this statement at all.

    "I need a new widget because my old one broke down when I last used it endangering the success of the job I was working on, and it cost me $_______ to fix and I am afraid it may happen again with worse consequences." - This is not something they will tell to just anyone, there is emotion involved in this statement and reveals a more compelling reason to buy - likely the Dominant Buying Movitation.