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David Carew's Area Of Opportunity Graph

David Carew's Area Of Opportunity Graph

What is this?

David Carew's Area of Opportunity Graph is a visual representation of the impact of Questioning Behavior vs Presenting Behavior during a sales interview.

Why is this important?

Visual aids are very important in recognizing and evaluating basic sales behavior - and understanding their impact on selling effectiveness. To understand your area of opportunity in a particular case first plot on a scale of 1 - 10 (with one being low, ten being high) the quantity AND quality rating you objectively assign to your presenting behavior. Then plot your questioning quality/quantity in the same way.

When you form a rectangle by extending vertical and horizontal lines from the plots, the area of that rectangle represents the sales opportunity in that given case.

In the image below, the yellow rectangle is representative of a person who completely lacks questioning skill or activity and is purely relying on presenting behavior at which they happen to excel. Even the very best presenters are severely limited in their selling capacity by this type of imbalance. This is a common problem among salespeople and is referred to as the "show up and throw up" style of selling.

Similarly, though rare, is the salesperson who generates the red rectangle. This person is not sharing or presenting anything to speak of and is usually perceived by prospects as an interrogator. (Most often, salespeople lack quality and quantity in their questioning behavior.)

The area of opportunity in both examples merely yield an area of 10. (1 x 10 = 10)

This is why salespeople that are balanced can significantly outperform those lacking one behavior or the other. A salesperson who can realistically plot their presentation behavior at 5 and their questioning behavior at 4 will produce areas of opportunity twice as large as the imbalanced expert interrogator or presenter (4 x 5 = 20). 


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