Kevin D Thompson – Courage



What is it?

Courage is the ability to do or say something in spite of the fear you experience. Things that do not cause you to fear the consequences of how you act or what you say do not require you to be courageous.

Why is it important?

In being honest with yourself and others, there will be situations that require you to be courageous in order to generate win/win outcomes. In seeking and accepting reality, some of your discoveries will require you to be courageous in order for you to gain their value. In seeking to do and say the right things many of the opportunities you will have are going to require you to have courage and be courageous.

In sales, one of the key characteristics of successful salespeople is courage. In fact, even when someone possesses many outstanding characteristics they may not experience success when they do not possess courage. People who are seriously engaged in convincing others are likewise dependent upon their ability to speak and act with courage to champion their cause and their message.