Kevin D Thompson – Chain Theory

Chain Theory

Chain Theory

What is this?

Chain Theory states that a system or complete unit of something complex is much like a chain in that it is only as strong as it's weakest link.

Why is this important?

In many complex things in life, such as persuasive skillset for example, there is a weblike interconnection of many different components. The connections between these components can be considered like chains in that if those links are weak then the integrity of the whole is compromised.

Chain Theory calls to mind the importance of the individual links in the persuasive skillset and draws our attention to those that need to be strengthened or developed. The more links to vital components that exist, and the greater the strength of those links, the greater the whole will be capable of withstanding pressure, tension and other forces directed against it. In persuading others, there are a great many such forces working against us and it can simply come down to how strong our commitment or our skills really are.