Kevin D Thompson – Buying Motivation Hierarchy

Buying Motivation Hierarchy

Buying Motivation Hierarchy

What is this?

Not all buying motives are equal.

Why is this important?

The strength of the buying motive will determine someone's likelihood of investing time, effort, and money to get what they want. The general ranking of motivation goes from highest to lowest as follows:

    Highest - Pain in the Present
    Next - Pleasure in the Present
    Third - Pain in the Future
    Lowest - Pleasure in the Future

There are certainly exceptions to this ranking in specific instances, but as a general rule these will be helpful in positioning your product or service and will reveal the need to learn about your propect's individual motivations as they relate to it. 

The basis for the ranking is revealed in basic human behavior. Our most urgent actions, and situations where "money is no object" tend to be when we are faced with significant threat in our present situation. The next two could be argued to be a toss-up, but there is a prevelant characteristic among people that tends to strongly favor present experience vs future orientation. Lastly, the investment today of time, effort, and money for the future prospect of reward is not an easy thing for many people to believe in...partly because there have been so many abuses of trust.