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Body Language Basics

Body Language Basics

What is this?

Body Language Basics are fundamental aspects of body language upon which you can build greater ability to understand what someone is communicating with their body language.

Why is this important?

Body language is a significant portion of the information someone signals to other people regarding his own current state of some cases there is a direct conflict with what someone is saying with their mouth, eyes, face and the rest of their body. The first body language basic to understand is the two broad categories into which body language generally falls. 1.) Open body language usually signifies confidence, a feeling of safeness and openness to others - the absence of threat. 2.) Closed body language usually signifies uneasiness and perception of threat or vulnerability.

As we enter into contracts with others, body language can be an important indication of whether the other person intends to honor their portion of the agreement. While there are a number of body language clues people have learned, the experts in the field reveal the need to look for what they call "clusters" or multiple expressions occurring close to each other in time. 

You will learn to recognize congruence and incongruence with the body language people present with their spoken information. Incongruence does not automatically mean that someone is lying to you, it does merit inquiry to learn the source of it because doing so can save you time, money and effort in the long run.