Kevin D Thompson – ABC - Always Be Cuwallifying

ABC - Always Be Cuwallifying

ABC - Always Be Cuwallifying

What is this?

This is a slight twist on a very old sales adage that said to Always Be Closing.

Why is this important?

You will find your persuasive conversations going more smoothly when you switch to this approach because you will lower the other person's anxiety and allow them to open up to your opportunity more. One of the things that bother people most in selling or persuasive conversations is the pushiness they feel from the salesperson/persuader. More often than not, this pressure will generate greater resistance in the person you are trying to convince and they may shut down or mentally check-out.

The better job you do of qualifying someone the more sense it will make to them to accept your proposed solution and the easier it will become for you to bring things to closure. Doing this will also significantly reduce the chances of buyers remorse and reversal of their decision to commit.