Kevin D Thompson – 5 - Y's

5 - Y's

5 - Y's

What is this?

This is a basic tool to use in vetting out the value or probability an idea will be successful by processing the proposal through a series of "Why" questions - yes, five of them.

Why is this important?

Often we do not challenge ideas which do not have a good probability of success or even desirable results. By using this tool there is ample opportunity to test the validity of the thinking and assumptions that underlie it. According to some, if the idea makes it beyond three why question and is still holding up, there is a better than 50% chance of success - when an idea can withstand five levels of why questions and still be plausible the probability of success jumps to 80% or better.

Poor ideas, or those which have been formulated using faulty logic or incorrect assumptions will usually fail to make sense within about three why's. This tool is like any other in that we must use it in order to enjoy the benefits it can bring - and we must use it correctly. For example, allowing weak or redundant answers will not yield effective results, actually getting the proposer to explain the value of their proposal at deeper levels is the key to learning how solid the foundations of the proposal really are.