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Selling the Human Short

Posted 2012-02-06
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The "nurse" gene!

I recently listened to a man describe how a number of his relatives had taken up careers as nurses. In just three generations of his sister's family he identified some 10 men and women that had pursued this career path and I was struck! Here was an obvious instance of the "Nurse Gene"! Actually, no he did not think there was a nurse gene in his family tree, but he did think there was a diabetes gene in his family. Statistically however, there was a much greater predictability of nurses than diabetes evident in the family. The score appeared to be 10 to 4.

Massive numbers of people have "bought" the idea of genetic predisposition hook, line and sinker. 

Read "The Biology of Belief" by Dr. Bruce Lipton to learn what the latest discoveries in genetics and cellular biology are telling us. 

After reading Dr. Lipton's book, listening to people go on about the maladies that "run" in their family as though they were all attributable to genes you too may feel like you are listening to people who still think the Earth is flat. Sure, there are genetic anomolies among people. The research seems to indicate that somewhere between 2% to 5% of the population actually posess a gene code that will not produce proteins or other biological components properly for them to live a "normal" life. So what is the problem with the rest of the people suffering from debilitating conditions?

According to Dr. Steven Aldana the remaining maladies are primarily the result of diet and exercise. In his book "The Culprit & The Cure" he sifts through mountains of clinical research from the last 50 years or so and concludes that only about 5% of the premature death and disease occurring in the United States is attributable to acts of God or genetics. We should probably stop telling each other that heart disease runs in our family. What is more likely is that eating greasy cheeseburgers runs in our family, or sedentary behavior runs in our family...or poor mental programming runs in our family.

The point is?

The point is that we are trading our belief that we can live healthy or even extraordinary lives for outdated science that has aready been replaced by newer scientific discoveries. This naysaying to and about the human being has been going on for a long time and in many areas affecting life. Not long ago, the medical community told us emphatically that nerve cells killed in the brain cannot be regenerated - now there is research that indicates nerve tissue may in fact be regenerated. Most people have heard stories of how someone's friend, or relative, or friend of a relative had been told they would never walk, talk, see, speak or be able to function above the level of a 5-year old or some such hopeless prognosis that had been "sold" to someone. Their stories of how they proved the "experts" wrong are uplifting to say the least.

In light of new discoveries that reveal the remarkable regenerative capacity of the human body and virtually all of its systems and organs, it seems strange that people persist in making these disastrous predictions for people suffering trauma or illness. Perhaps some of the people making these amazing recoveries "needed" a dire prediction to challenge them. But how many are being discouraged to even try or hope they can improve their condition?

Years ago my mom suffered from some heart disease when she was in her 60's or 70's. She asked the doctor if she should change her diet and he told her that given her advanced age taking bacon and eggs out of her diet this late in life was useless. Really? I was shocked that someone in the medical profession would be so dismissive about making a positive change since I believe our best course of action is to always encourage someone to do what is best for their health - regardless of what someone might suggest is the writing on the wall. She lived well beyond that event, but did not gain the benefit changing her diet may have afforded her. In fact, she likely suffered more pain later in her life as a result of not making any changes. Thanks for the advice Doc.

I realize not everyone is going to make a miraculous recovery, or reverse the effects of disease, but I do believe everyone should be encouraged to believe it could happen for them. Belief is the most influential component in life according to Dr. Lipton. Belief and it's companion the placebo effect are the greatest healing forces or the deadliest of poisons according to much of the research of late. What is so wrong with allowing for the possibility our body can mend itself? Especially with a little help. Encourage yourself and everyone you know to do whatever it takes to make positive changes in life...they will usually respond positively and may even be grateful to you for helping.

We are not as predisposed to anything as we have been sold. I doubt the certainty of the naysayers.



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