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The Bell Curve: Revisited - or rather Revised?

Posted 2012-10-13
Years ago I read with great interest a well-researched book written by two Harvard professors that proposed America's problems were primarily attributable to low IQ - but is that really the case?

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Immediate Sweeping Change - Or Prolonged Incremental Change

Posted 2012-05-08
Category Performance
Can we really make immediate sweeping changes to ourselves? Or are changes made over extended periods of time and in little bits and pieces?

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Are Influence and Persuasion Basically the Same Thing?

Posted 2012-04-26
Category Persuasion
Many people think of influence and persuasion as being two words for essentially the same thing - but is this really the case? And because one is influential, does that make them persuasive? And vice-versa?

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Selling the Human Short

Posted 2012-02-06
Category Performance

With a title like "Selling the Human Short" a person might think this belongs to another category of great interest to me - Persuasion. However, this selling is something of a different sort and it would be better for humanity if it would stop. Many people have bought into very self-limiting ideas and will be hard-pressed to let them go. There is a long-standing tradition in civilization to explain away our shortcomings to any one of a multitude of religious dogmas or other uncontrollable circumstances and most recently, genetic predisposition.

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